Switch to Industry 4.0
in 4 Simple Steps


Connect your machines to Smartories Smart Hub to capture real-time data

Data Analytics

Smartories AI driven algorithm will process real-time data into useful information


Smartories dashboard displays these information in the form of actionable insights anytime, anywhere


Real-time Insights enables the management to make faster and smarter decisions

The Problems

Redundant activities

In a traditional manufacturing company, there are manual tasks done repeatedly, right from data collection, data entry, data analysis and presentation

Reactive Approach

Most of the manufacturing companies react to problems after they occur which leads to consequences such as missed production targets, uncontrolled quality rejects, machine downtime, inefficient operations and also a lack of transparency

  • Track OEE, OOE, TEEP, reasonsfor downtime, quality rejects and changeover Time
  • Analyze production reports, downtime Pareto and quality rejects Pareto
  • Real-time analysis of cycle time and performance
  • Identify bottlenecks and increase throughput
  • Real-Time Alert Notifications enables Proactive approach
  • Measure Energy Consumption and Power factor to optimize the usage and improve the life of the equipment
  • Enhance Shop Floor Communications
  • Engage and Empower operators to meet the Production Goals
  • Supports Capacity Ramp-up and Smart allocation of machines

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